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Mr K Sehat, Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon at Nottingham University Hospital specialises in conditions of the hip and knee and performs surgery including hip replacements. Younger patients with 'soft tissue' conditions such as inflammation of the tendons or hip impingement can benefit from injections and specialised physiotherapy as well as surgery when indicated.

Hip replacement surgery:
There are several forms of arthritis which result in wearing away of joint cartilage and can cause severe pain, stiffness and disability. Patients affected by hip arthritis can benefit from hip replacement surgery when appropriate.
Hip replacement surgery is dependable it terms of restoring function and relieving pain. At The Nottingham Clinic, the emphasis is on avoiding complications and ensuring durability. The risk of infection affecting hip replacements performed by Mr Sehat is less than 1 in 800 and the overall incidence of requiring revision surgery is half that of the national average. We use computer guided alignment for maximal accuracy in the surgery.
We use hip implants that are most suited to each situation. All hip replacement implants are subject to occasional failures and requirement for re-do surgery. We mostly use the 'Excia/Plasma' implant with a fully ceramic bearing which has a success rate recorded in the National Joint Registry of 97.7% at 12 years after surgery which compares favourably with the average of of 95.8% for all other hip replacements. Mr Sehat has performed over 900 hip replacements over the last 12 years with 98.9% of hip replacements remaining free of the need for revision. The majority of patients can expect their hip replacement using this system to be a lifelong solution.

Non-arthritic hip pain:
Some hip conditions can cause pain in younger and active patients. Diagnosis can be challenging requiring high resolution specialist scanning techniques, multi-specialty assessment together with sports medicine and physiotherapy specialists and guided injections. Following diagnosis, most cases can be treated with appropriate therapy. Surgery is available in some situations such as for ‘cam deformity’ of the hip causing severe pain with everyday activities.

Private Patients Prices:
Initial Consultation £190
Follow up Appointments £110
Hip Injection with X-ray guidance £1,000
Total Hip Replacement Surgery £11,750
(Price for surgery is all inclusive and for patients free of other serious medical conditions having surgery at The Nottingham Treatment Centre. This facility is run and comprehensively supported by Nottingham University Hospitals)

Prices for surgery at other locations may differ - POA