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During the COVID-19 pandemic, specific considerations apply:

Our facilities are now practicing specific hygiene measures and are supplied with material to minimise the risk of Coronavirus transmission to the most vigorous standards for healthcare facilities.
We are able to offer consultations and treatments including surgery currently with safeguards in place.
However, whilst the virus is prevalent in the community, there is still a risk which needs to be taken into consideration.
We all need to minimise our movements to help control the spread of the virus. Attending for healthcare needs is permitted, however, at the present time, please only seek treatment for concerning, painful and debilitating conditions which justify the additional risk from the virus.
You have the option of booking an initial telephone appointment to discuss your condition followed by a physical attendance if required.

Joint injections for pain:
Injection of steroid for pain relief in arthritic joints carries a possible small risk of increasing susceptibility to infection, including COVID-19, though this has not been proven to necessarily be the case. Initially in the pandemic steroid injections were restricted, however, the risk, if any, is now thought to be very small and injections are available in our clinic. Nevertheless, you should take this into account and proceed on the basis of how painful your condition is. For further information please see: Steroid injection and COVID-19

Surgical procedures:
If a patient was to become ill with COVID-19 at the time of surgery or just after, the illness may be more severe. This is because surgery and anaesthetic makes the body more susceptible to infections. For otherwise healthy people having smaller operations, the additional risk is likely to be very small but if you need surgery, an individual risk assessment will be carried out and a detailed discussion will take place prior to arranging your surgery. Depending on the surgery, you may be asked to self-isolate for one week prior to the date of surgery to minimise the risk of having potentially picked up the virus and we will perform a COVID test before proceeding.